A Dream about Nureyev

Nureyev at the barre - Balletomanehk - www.balletomanehk.comFour years ago, I saw Rudolph Nureyev in my dream. In it, I was teaching him how to do port de bras (geez, does he need any help?!) . We were talking French. At the end of this dream sequence, I said “ta den” (take this) in Swedish to him (referring to his arm), and he repeated these words in a sexy voice and then moved his arm in a most graceful manner! Hardly do I have dreams as vivid as that!

Thanks to Facebook, which gave me a reminder of what I wrote in my status on the same day four years ago, I can now savor this sweet dream 😉 I also dreamt of Yuan Yuan Tan one time, but I will share it in another post later. Have you ever dreamt of a ballet dancer? Or do you mostly see yourself dancing in your dreams? I’ve had quite a few of those myself—in which I was able to perform some feats that I normally aren’t able to in the waking state, such as 10 pirouettes landing in 4th. Of course I have also had less pleasant dreams… such as thisthis and this. Please share with me your ballet dreams—if you remember them!

‘Rudolf Nureyev–The Life’

Rudolf Nureyev–The Life” by Julie Kavanagh

Nureyev Biography Cover

I have never read 700 pages of biography with such intense interest. This book is so well written, making me feel like I was there observing the life of Nureyev up close and personal. Several times, tears swelled up in my eyes or just dropped involuntarily. Despite certain idiosyncratic streaks in his character and egocentricity, the one thing that stands out and inspires millions of people around the world is his fighting spirit. He fought for his art and what he believed in until the very last breath.

Overall, an amazingly well-written book, with enormous amount of research done. You will not only learn about Nureyev’s life but the development of the ballet world from the 50s right up to the 90s, plus lots of history about pop culture and art during the same period.