Moldy Pointe Shoe Ribbons

Photo by Michael Sheehan (HighTechDad@Flickr) Creative Common License

“Sewing the Ribbons” – Photo by Michael Sheehan (HighTechDad@Flickr) Creative Common License

The constant tug of war between my desire to dance more and the inability to do so in real life has led to a overflow of my subconscious frustrations and regrets with ballet. A few days ago I had a short dream after drifting back to sleep in the early morning. In that dream I saw two ballet classmates, one of whom asked me for spare ribbons for her pointe shoes. I went and looked into my drawers and found a pair of old ribbons. “Ewe, they’re moldy!” I told my friend while taking them out for her. The dream ended just like that. Perhaps it reflects my desire to go back to those good old days when I was enjoying pointework and all the rituals related to it–and the current regret and uncertainty of when I will be able to get back en pointe. Worse still, the classmate who asked for the ribbons in my dream is someone I have unfriended. So much for an unpleasant dream. Hope my next one would be more delightful. Actually, I remember having an extremely pleasurable ballet dream around Christmas time last year. I’ll recount that a bit later, when I have more time. Hope your adult ballet life is off to a better start than mine in 2015!