YAGP 2017 Gala Reignites My Passion for Ballet

YAGP Gala 2017 - Julio Bocca - Balletomanehk.com

I feel my life is complete–almost–after seeing yesterday’s YAGP gala in celebration of Julio Bocca’s life and career. Here is my review–a return of my long-lost blog. Enjoy! Continue reading

My Ballet Paintings

Lilac Dreams

Lilac Dreams 2014


Yesterday I finished painting a ballerina in lilac costume and called it “Lilac Dreams.” Perhaps subconsciously I was dreaming of the intoxicating perfume of lilacs at this time of year. Lilacs do not grow here in Hong Kong and I miss them. Lilac is also one of my favorite colors. I actually have several leotards, a warm-up shrug, legwarmers and a wrap skirt in this color! Anyway, it was fun to go back to painting after a long break of three years! To be able to complete this piece means the world to me , as I did an outline sketch more than a month ago before my major surgery. It was my hope that I would get to finish it during my recuperation. I did!

Below, you can see two more ballet paintings I made back in 2011. The “Full Moon Ballerina” is a collage of my painting set against a background that is a photo I took of the full moon, seen right outside my bedroom window. “Arabesque” was my very first attempt to use the software “Art Rage” to paint.

Although there is still a lot of room for improvement, I think I have made some good progress in my painting technique—a compensation for the big regression in my ballet technique! While I cannot dance with my feet at the moment, I try to dance with my mind and my hands 🙂

What do you think?

Full Moon Ballerina 2011

Full Moon Ballerina 2011


Arabesque 2011

Arabesque 2011