‘Would You Rather’: Ballet Edition #1

Responding to the “Adult Ballerina Project“‘s first ballet edition of “Would you Rather!”, here are my answers to her five questions:

#1 Would you rather be incredibly naturally flexible or have endless stamina?–By Kyla

At my age, neither can be easily attainable, but if I’m only give one choice, I’d choose incredible flexibility–it would create the great looks on stage–provided I don’t have to dance very long!

#2 Would you rather take an early morning class (6am) or a late evening class (9pm)?

Early morning class. Late evening classes mean cortisol build-up at a time of the day when the body should be winding down. Not great for health.

#3 Would you rather do 32 changements or 32 fouettés?–By Beth

I could do 32 changements but I’d rather be able to do 32 fouettés, for the obvious reason that I can’t actually do even one! And fouettés are like the ultimate yardstick of technical virtuosity. Oh well, perhaps another life time!

#4 Would you rather do a développé with proper technique or a higher développé suspecting your instructor doesn´t see you cheat?–By FGH

Oh, please allow me the vanity of doing higher développés 😛

#5 Would you rather have beautifully arched feet or perfect legs?–By Kyla

Another question that reveals I have neither. And here is another vain answer: Beautifully arched feet.

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