A Valentine’s Rose for You

The rose is an ancient symbol of love and beauty. While most people think of Valentine’s Day as a day to celebrate romantic love, the true meaning of “love” transcends this narrow definition. I wish all of my ballet friends love and beauty in your lives, in whatever form! Here is a card I’ve made for you, my friends. To the left is Vaslav Nijinksy posing as the rose in the 1913 Ballets Russes creation “Le Spectre de la Rose” (1913), and to the right is a blooming rose from my garden today. Enjoy!

Nijinsky - Le Spectre de la Rose - Balletomanehk.com

A reason to dance?

My fellow blogger Paulina has posted this interesting post, “A reason to dance?” Here is my response: Dance sets us free, it helps us return to our true nature. It is what children do, and what we adults can do to return to a sort of childhood innocence, where there is no need for words or rational thinking… just enjoyment of the pure being.

My Ballet Paintings

Lilac Dreams

Lilac Dreams 2014


Yesterday I finished painting a ballerina in lilac costume and called it “Lilac Dreams.” Perhaps subconsciously I was dreaming of the intoxicating perfume of lilacs at this time of year. Lilacs do not grow here in Hong Kong and I miss them. Lilac is also one of my favorite colors. I actually have several leotards, a warm-up shrug, legwarmers and a wrap skirt in this color! Anyway, it was fun to go back to painting after a long break of three years! To be able to complete this piece means the world to me , as I did an outline sketch more than a month ago before my major surgery. It was my hope that I would get to finish it during my recuperation. I did!

Below, you can see two more ballet paintings I made back in 2011. The “Full Moon Ballerina” is a collage of my painting set against a background that is a photo I took of the full moon, seen right outside my bedroom window. “Arabesque” was my very first attempt to use the software “Art Rage” to paint.

Although there is still a lot of room for improvement, I think I have made some good progress in my painting technique—a compensation for the big regression in my ballet technique! While I cannot dance with my feet at the moment, I try to dance with my mind and my hands 🙂

What do you think?

Full Moon Ballerina 2011

Full Moon Ballerina 2011


Arabesque 2011

Arabesque 2011