Another Class at Steps and My Renewed Attempt at Front Split

Class with Dawn Hillen at Steps on Broadway, New York -

Ballet is addictive. No doubt about it. Last week I went to class three times after being on hiatus for the longest time… Two days following a Rommett Floor Barre class, I went back to Steps on Broadway to take the adult beginners class with Dawn Hillen. I still remember taking a class with her eight years ago when I visited New York. How glad I was to be back in her class again! I still remember her teaching from that time.

Her friendliness, enthusiasm and positive spirit is still as infectious as years ago. In fact, after class, when I approached her, she said I looked familiar… It didn’t really matter if she actually remembered me or not. What mattered was that I felt she has a genuine interest in all her students. We hugged each other and it was a very warm moment. The class was very enjoyable—just the right pace and level for me. It took place in a fresh-looking studio on the “loft” floor. And having live accompaniment in class is so precious–a luxury that I seldom got back in Hong Kong. I look forward to taking more classes with Dawn in the future.

After class, I was surprised to find the warm-up area rather empty. So I took the opportunity to do some stretches and enjoy the solitude and comfortable space. The photos below show my first attempt to practice the front split after one year of sitting on my axx  and waiting for my recovery. The right side is quite alright–actually, better than I expected; but the left side is a few inches off the floor… I had to struggle real hard! It was a good start though, and I did it after class so I was sufficiently warm to do it safely. It felt soooo good!!

Front Split -

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