Cardio Day and Nice Reward

How is everyone doing with your 12-Week Challenge? Here is how my calendar looks like:

12-Week Challenge - Balletomanehk -

For me, keeping up with the light schedule is itself a challenge. I had to swap a lot of the exercises to fit them into my schedule. But going back to regular class definitely helps to get me into the groove. The cardio is often the part that stops me…. I would find all sorts of excuses, like having a sore back or headache, for not doing it. As on any day of the week, I have a short supply of time today, but the weather is super nice and I decided to give cardio a try. So I made a search on YouTube and found this awesome video—a 10-minute cardio workout for busy people by Amanda Russell:

It’s made up of 10 exercises. You would do each for 45 seconds and rest for 15 seconds then start the next one. This would make the set a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), perfect for fat burn. In the past, I have done HIIT in the form of jogging. I have to admit that these exercises are much more fun to do than jogging, as they provide a good amount of variation. But at least half of them are extremely difficulty for me as they require a lot of strength in the core, thighs and quads. At first I thought that 45 seconds would be easy peasy. Nope! I had to stop in the middle of at least three exercises to catch my breath. The good thing is that they really get my heart rate up fast and they are not as tough as the other set by Jenna Wolfe that I mentioned in my last post. Give it a try and see if it suits you. The best part is that it takes less than 10 minutes to complete once you are familiar with the routines. I think this would make the cardio part of the challenge easier for me. And I am starting to appreciate the benefits of doing cardio exercises for my ballet training. They seem to contribute to my stamina and strength.

Before I did those exercises today, I was actually starting to get hungry and debated whether I should eat first or exercise first. But I decided to hold off eating and finish the workout first. Sure enough, I forgot about the hunger and got the exercises done. It didn’t take that much time as imagined. Then I rewarded myself with an organic garden salad, freshly harvested from my little rooftop garden. Yummy yummy!

Organic Garden Salad with Salmon - Balletomanehk -

Hope you are having fun with the challenge, seeing progress in your ballet training and most important of all, feeling good about yourself! See you next time!

8 thoughts on “Cardio Day and Nice Reward

  1. I totally forgot about the food/eating part of the challenge! I love your food photo!
    Also I’m going to print out the schedule and write on it like you have – so far I just log stuff in my gym app but it’s not visible.
    Cardio! BLEH! I did of petit allegro in the lounge yesterday… But because it’s so hot and I don’t have air-conditioning I stopped after a while. I’ll bookmark that workout you posted and have a go as a10 min warm-up.

    • Yes, printing out the schedule makes it easier to have an overview. The challenge includes the weight/body measurements and water intake, but does not really include the eating part. But since I am on a healthy diet all year round, I don’t really think too much about it… just doing the regular thing. Getting the cardio in is the part that I need to consciously think about every week as my body is not totally “awake” yet after such a long inactive period. But I think this video is going to help me… Let’s check out other videos of Amanda Russell too, as she has a series of exercises for the busy people.

  2. I printed mine, but I think my better half accidentally picked it up with his work papers! Derp! I’ll have to print a new one.

    It’s going brilliantly over here (with much substitution of cirque training for things like yoga), and I definitely feel like I’m adapting well to the increased workload.

    That said, after today’s class, I feel like my legs might fall off! Ms. B is working us hard!

  3. My cardio is hiking. I do it about once a week. Sometime getting myself out of bed for an early start is tough, esp on a cold Beijing before dawn morning. However, once out there, the fresh air, nature and the company make it worthwhile. A 3-4hr keeps my cardio-vas health and kind of compensate for my lack of flexibility in ballet (and ballet gives me ankle strength and better balance for my hiking in return). To me, they are good complements

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