My First Real Class after the Hiatus


Yesterday was the first time I went back to the ballet studio after half a year’s hiatus. I was so thrilled and nervous at the same time! Also, as I just recovered from the flu, I was a tad worried and didn’t know if I could make it through the class or not. On top of that, I was too careless not to have checked the ballet studio’s Facebook updates to see if there was actually a class today. So I messaged the teacher but I didn’t hear from her even though it was only 15 minutes before the class would start. The door to the studio was locked and I started to wonder if I had wasted the almost two hours’ trip from home. Well, turned out that the teacher was stuck in cross-border traffic and the class would start half an hour later and so my journey was not wasted after all. But I had to cancel a tutoring appointment, which I scheduled right after the class… and lost HK$500 :'(.

In any case, I was determined to rekindle my ballet training this year. So off I go against all odds! This just happened to be first day of former New York City Ballet dancer Kathryn Morgan’s ‪”12-Week Challenge.” I mentioned this challenge a couple of days ago, and was super excited about starting it. I am really not sure if I can follow through even the light version of the challenge, but to get started would be to have won half the battle, at least in my case, as I had so many reasons to put off resuming class last year. But I finally made it!

The class was conducted by a young substitute teacher, whom I have been an acquaintance for quite a few years. It was slow-paced but she really made sure we got the alignment and movements right. We had only two center exercises, starting with a tendu+temps lié and ending with sauté. The last set of sauté was long-ish and I almost felt like collapsing, but I persisted till the end and am really proud of having completed the exercise.

To my surprise, my technique is still there, despite not having much strength and flexibility. But I know these will come back in time. To me, at this point, being able to move my arms and upper body in a graceful way means more than being able to have high leg extensions or super flexibility, as the important thing is to be able to do what I can still do to get back the feeling of dancing again. So, I’m just taking things in baby steps now.

After class, I could feel the endorphin rush… I wanted to sing James Brown’s song out loud: “I FEEL GOOD!!!”

Looking forward to more ballet this year.

15 thoughts on “My First Real Class after the Hiatus

  1. It’s good to get a slow paced class to get you going 😀 Pity about your tutoring appointment. Was that for a ballet private?

    I just started studying again 16 years after finishing uni… So I’m seeing how the Katherine Morgan challenge fits in. Planning to do interval study, 40min study, 20 min ballet x3. So that should give an hour of ballet per day. Hopefully it works. So I’m one day delayed, but I’m still in the challenge!

    • Great! I am glad to hear how you are planning to fit ballet into your schedule! I feel motivated thanks to the online ballet community and that includes you! My tutoring appointment was for a private English class.

      • I was gonna say, that $90 and is quite pricey for a private ballet class.
        Yes, your blog and others here on wp are very inspiring. I don’t have close friends to talk ‘ballet’ to so this is my outlet and motivator 😀

  2. It’s wonderful you can channel your ballet passion here and with other adult ballet fanatics online! The community has definitely grown a lot since I started about 8 years ago. Are you on Instagram? There are a lot of wonderful adult ballet dancers there supporting one another. Go and find the hastag #adultballerinas and have fun! 🙂

  3. I’m kinda in a class that doesn’t really get anywhere because despite the fact that I go to every lesson, barely anyone else does so we have to relearn stuff loads! I’m debating about moving to the other class that is really far ahead in the syllabus but that would mean leaving my best friend behind, and she had a hissy fit when I even suggested it!

    • Hi GeorgieGrl, I think it is entirely up to you to choose a class that suits your level and fulfill your needs. If you want to progress, by all means, try a different class. If your best friend is indeed your best friend, she will understand. You can try to communicate to her in a gentle way why you need to change to a different class. Perhaps that would also motivate her to make progress? Just a thought 😉 Whatever decision you make, good luck and most important of all, enjoy your class!

      • Thx! Yeah I’m gonna procrastinate on the decision for another term, but ask my teacher for the film of the syllabus so I can practice at home!
        Thx for your advice!

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