Baby Ballet Steps… Again

Collage_Self-Practice Today marks the 1st anniversary of my major abdominal surgery. I am back to Square One in ballet. Scar tissues are hindering my movements in the hips and back. It is sometimes disheartening to be unable to lift the legs as high as I used to in the past or to hold a certain position. All I can do is to take baby steps… do baby ballet on my own. It has not been easy. My job responsibilities have increased over the past year, and since my workplace and home are far away from all the ballet studios, I didn’t go to class after work. It was too tiresome, and I didn’t want to stretch my health. So I took it easy. I also started to develop my small online business, which has kept me super busy. The only day I can go to class is Saturday. The class is a one-hour class, too short by the conventional standard. But coming back to the routine, that was just right for me. I do miss the days when I used to take at least three classes a week, as well as those crazy days leading up to the dance competition in 2013, when I practiced every evening after work and then some. But I also remember the adrenaline hikes and how exhausted I would feel. Perhaps it wrecked my health in a way that I do not totally fathom. In any case, I’m taking baby steps to go back into ballet. On sunny days I like to spend my lunch time running barefoot on the grass. And when it’s cloudy or rainy, I would find an empty room in the building where I work, and practice the barre. Most of the time, I feel like this: Chubby Ballerina

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