The Story of Helen Keller: What is Dance but Thought, Vibration and Energy?

Just came upon the story of the historical encounter between blind, deaf and dubm American author Helen Keller and the mother of modern dance Martha Graham. It is fascinating how Keller experienced dance from the pure perspective of energy and vibration—the basic substance that we are made of.

Helen Keller_Martha Graham

Keller became a regular visitor to Graham’s studio. Here is her reaction to dance:

“Oh, how wonderful! How like the mind it is!”

Here is a third-person account of her experience:

She seems to focus on the dancers’ feet, and can somehow tell the direction in which they are moving. Martha Graham is intrigued. ‘She could not see the dance but was able to allow its vibrations to leave the floor and enter her body.’

Because Keller had to rely on her inner senses to orient her way around the world, her sensitivity to vibrations was highly developed and second to none.

You can read more about this fascinating and little-known history on this page:

On the same day I also came across this cat video… This Russian cat can apparently visualize music as a 3D object and is trying to capture it. The result is a unique feline dance. Don’t you think that dancers and choreographers can glean something out of this? 😉 Enjoy!

Bonus video:

Energy and vibrations visualized in this Japanese production~

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